Disco train surprise

I think for writers, observing the world around you is an active pursuit, similar to a sport, where you cast your observation net wide and try and pick up anything you can use. And few places are better for observations than train stations and carriages. Two years ago I wrote a short story based on observations made while commuting to and from my day job on Cape Town’s Metrorail train system (It’s called Train 124 and writing it was a brutal pleasure: it was one of those rare stories that feel as if they take on a life of their own, and it won the 2015 Short.Sharp.Stories Award). The main character has a neurodevelopmental disorder that makes him obsessively observant (like I think many writers are, although they’ve also developed ways to hide this). One recent early morning on the train, the sunlight streamed in at a sharp angle, causing the effect you’ll see in the video. This made my morning, and even though I’m not sure anyone else in the carriage noticed it, I’m very glad I can share it with you here.