Grand Menu At The Hebdomad Society

A man wakes up without any memory of what caused him to lose consciousness, and finds himself the sole diner in an unusual restaurant with some extraordinary staff and a remarkable dinner literally prepared to be the meal of his life.

Take A Picture

When an English village is invaded by vicious creatures that abhor light, a blind man's disability becomes a distinct advantage for survival. But how can he best use this advantage against the invaders that have taken over his home and killed his friends? And if he seeks revenge, what will he have to risk for success?

A Beautiful Partnership

Three days after a disastrous robbery, two partners in crime meet up for coffee on Cape Town's notorious Long Street. But can they still trust each other?

A story with a twist about the brutal nature of honour among thieves.

A Visit To Dr Mamba

A teacher visits a witch doctor named Dr Mamba in Mozambique's capital Maputo. Inside the bag he carries with him is something Dr Mamba had never expected to see again.

This story won a PEN Literary Award for African Fiction and also appeared in the collection Twenty in 20: The Best Short Stories Of South Africa’s 20 Years Of Democracy. It served as inspiration for the novel Tokoloshe Song; a finalist for the Terry Pratchett First Novel Award.


When a tall foreigner accused of stealing honey is brought to the police station on the Greek island of Kythnos, Sergeant Laziridis's uneventful night is about to take a very unexpected turn.

Train 124

A single, 25-minute train journey is rarely remarkable. Unless you need to get to an extremely important appointment and your chosen way of getting there is on Train 124...
This is the winning story of the 2015 Short.Sharp.Stories Award.


The terraforming of Mars has been a resounding success - except that the two corporations involved have declared war. For one soldier and the remaining members of his platoon, the now-green red planet holds some terrible surprises.